Salvage and Used Hyundai to Buy

Used Hyundai or a new one?

Even a second used automotive may be a large purchase, and careful consideration should be taken when buying a car.

But it's also a simple question to answer. Hyundais make for great used cars. Specific characteristics make up a high quality used automotive, and you'll find all of them in a Hyundai.

Advantages of Buying Used Hyundai

For around the same value as a new car, you'll be able to get a better class model of a used car. A second user automotive can have a lower price and lower monthly payments than getting the new edition of a similar model. Hyundai has a Certified Pre-Owned program that gives excellent worth, quality, and peace of mind compared to other used automotive shopping. A second-hand car that's only a few years old can still have avoided the biggest hit of depreciation. Thus you'll be able to sell it once more in a few years closer to the same value as you paid. Cars have their greatest period of reliability during the first a hundred and fifty, km or so, whereas used cars that are only several years old means that they won't be anyplace close to having been used that much.



Reliability takes a front seat once buying a used car. Every consumer's worst concern is shopping for a second user automotive that seems to be a cash pit in repair work. The simplest way to minimize this risk is by buying a brand that includes a strong reputation for reliability.


And according to CarMD, there's no more dependable automotive than a Hyundai. The brand was found to own the lowest repair frequency and the second-lowest repair price for cars made from 2003 to 2013, right in the sweet spot for used automobile shoppers.



One of the best things about buying a brand-new automotive is getting all the newest and greatest safety technology. However, with Hyundai, you don't need to sacrifice safety once purchasing an older model. How do Hyundai models promote safer driving and roads for passengers and pedestrians? Driver help technologies and a robust body offer the protection of your drive needs. While driver assistance options like Lane Departure Warning help alert you in various situations that commonly cause collisions, high-strength steel alloys concocted at the Hyundai factory offer ultimate protection. Check out the Hyundai safety options in the following list:


In 2016 alone, 5 Hyundai models were awarded the highest Safety Pick+ distinction by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety because of a dedicated suite of safety options.


Standard features

Because Hyundai consistently offers a collection of technology and convenience features in even standard trims, stepping into a second user model won't feel like traveling back in time. Many of the options found in yesterday's Hyundais stay up to date with today's models.


Transferable warranty

Hyundais are made for being driven as a second user car — quite literally. Since 1999, Hyundai has been attaching a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty to its fully transferable models to a second owner.


Hyundai also includes a certified pre-owned program consisting of a 150-point certification process and ten years or a hundred miles of roadside assistance.

Some of the best used Hyundai models to buy:


Other used cars model to consider:

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