2019 Shelby Raptor Baja

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The 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja is an off-roading beast with some significant performance modifications. This model comes with some purely aesthetic improvements compared to its precedents that are sure to turn heads. This article discussed a rundown of everything about the 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja and things that they added to it to make it a real mark for Shelby enthusiasts out there.

In this guide:

  • Here Comes 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja

  • Shelby Raptor Baja, A Beast Truck

  • Interior and Exterior Modifications

  • 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja Engine

  • Conclusion

Here Comes 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja

Shelby-American is a company that's always excelled at making powerful cars even more significant and faster, so it's not surprising to imagine someone looking at the Ford F-150 Raptor and thinking, couldn't it be more powerful?

Here comes the 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja to exist. While a regular Raptor will cost you about USD 68165, giving it the full Shelby treatment brings the total up to USD 119000 for a 2019 Raptor Baja, a princely sum for a truck that many people believe is the king of the off-road.

We just got our hands on the new Shelby Raptor Baja for some tests. This truck is loaded with options. Let's take a closer look at standard vehicle's features and specifications:

Exterior Specifications:

  • Shelby dual intake, ram air hood,

  • Power steps with rock sliders and lights,

  • Shelby Baja Raptor Striping and badging,

  • Front grille surround.

Front Bumper System:

  • Steel, Flat black front bumper,

  • Tow points and airflow vents,

  • 40" curved LED light bar,

  • 2x 10" LED driving lights.

Rear Bumper System:

  • Steel, Flat black rear bumper,

  • 2x 10" LED driving lights,

  • 2x LED square lights.

Bed Chaser Rack System:

  • Steel, Flat black chase rack,

  • 50" power actuated up/down LED light bar,

  • Side panels,

  • Full-size spare wheel mounts.

Interior Specifications:

  • Serialized engine plate and dash plaque,

  • Shelby Baja Raptor floor mats and badging,

  • Shelby leather interior upgrade,

  • Carbon fiber interior accents,

  • Deep tinted windows.

Shelby Europe Basic Truck:

  • Latest Ford F-150 Model Raptor,

  • Fully Loaded features,

  • Shelby SnakeEye Thermal Far IR Night Vision,

  • All EU Homologations and TUV-Approvals.

Shelby Raptor Baja, A Beast Truck

The 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja is the latest pickup truck from one of the most fabulous brands in the American automotive industry. The story started with the Shelby Cobra sports car, created by Carroll Shelby himself.

The Shelby company gradually started to branch out into Mustang models and Ford pickup trucks. The 2019 Ford Shelby Raptor Baja isn't the first pickup truck fortunately tuned by the company, but it is the most advanced.

Shelby is very proud of their performance on this car, as shown by the many Shelby logos all over the truck's exterior and interior.

The biggest headline generated by the 2019 Raptor Baja is its horsepower. The official Ford F-150 Raptor generates 450 horsepower, so it's not precisely slow.

The 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja, however, provides an astonishing 525 horsepower.

This large figure is achieved with the same 3.5L twin-turbo V6 noticed in the official Ford F-150 Raptor, but the engine is massively modified and tuned up for maximum performance.

While power is essential for an off-road truck, the suspension may be even more critical. The new Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor Baja features more advanced Fox Racing shocks than those found in the Ford F-150 Raptor. These shocks are flexible to suit the terrain and your driving style.

An extreme off-road pickup truck should look the part, and the 2019 Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor Baja does. It has a functional dual input hood designed by Shelby. The tuned truck comes with six unique Shelby wheels, as there are two spares in the truck's bed.

The 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja even has standard steel bumpers to take on the most challenging terrain. The standard LED lighting system makes off-roading at night safer and more comfortable. Of course, Shelby is known for the racing stripes that the 2019 Ford F-150 Shelby Raptor Baja has.

Interior and Exterior Modifications

Shelby's modifications have never been incredibly subtle, and that's still true. The flat black steel front bumper is proudly emblazoned with the Shelby name, above which is a 40" curved LED light bar. Even in the dark, you'll know that Shelby manufactured this off-road monster.

The ram air hood has the customary black stripes. Still, because it's an off-road vehicle instead of a Mustang, we're referring to them as "Baja" stripes vs. "Le Mans" stripes, but even a true Shelby fanatic would have a difficult time telling the difference.

There is no shortage of lights, all of which are LED and look pretty slick against the flat back metal accents on both the front and rear bumpers.

The side panels between the cab and bed are also decorated with the Shelby Baja Raptor logo. You'll also find it above the fender flares on either side and across the truck's gate. In short, Shelby is proud of this truck, and they want to make sure that you know who outfitted it.

Compared to the standard F-150 Raptor package, the 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja doesn't offer many additional interior upgrades, making sense. There wasn't a whole lot to improve. The Raptor, either Ford's or Shelby's, has heated and cooled leather seats. On Ford's, the accent color will be orange, whereas, on Shelby's, it'll be a bright red, which matches the Shelby Baja Raptor badging on each seat.

Shelby also replaced the utilitarian floor mats with some special ones for the Shelby Raptor and are significantly more luxe-looking. There are also carbon fiber inserts, which are attractive even if they don't add a lot of functionality. Naturally, there's the customary Shelby serial plate on the glove box.

2019 Shelby Raptor Baja Engine

It is where we start to see the Shelby-American influence on the Raptor. The engine has been outfitted with a cold air intake, which, coupled with a high flow air filter and aluminum intercooler, ensure that this engine can breathe. The cold air intake and air filter make for a pretty imposing-looking piece of equipment and is once again printed with the Shelby name to guarantee quality.

A heat shield helps to make sure that all the air the Shelby Raptor is pulling in is cool, dense air, which of course, enhances performance. The result is that the Raptor, which usually makes 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque, is ramped up to a whopping 525 horsepower and 610 lb-ft of torque. It's a pretty substantial improvement. It may not sound imposing to people who are more accustomed to the Mustang's horsepower numbers, but for an off-roading pickup, it's a lot of horsepower.

The Raptor's ten-speed automatic transmission isn't altered in any way for the Shelby Raptor, which is an embarrassment since it was one of the features that people were a little less than excited about in the Raptor. Car and Driver noted that the Raptor sometimes seemed to struggle to find the right gear. With paddle shifters, you can, of course, manipulate the gearing on your own.

The suspension upgrades are considered by many to be the most substantial and unique. However, the additional horsepower is superior and can theoretically be added to any Raptor or F-150 with a cold air intake setup and tune. But the suspension features some high-grade materials that are wholly unique to this build.

Shelby and Fox Racing worked together to build a four-corner adjustable system. The front shocks are equipped with what's known as internal bypass technology. Essentially, it detects the type of terrain that you're on, whether that's street or rock crawling.

The rear shocks have similar technology, with a unique twist. They allow for "Quick Adjust Bypass," which essentially means that you can adjust the tubes by hand, without tools. The clicks should enable you to know what setting each is at, providing a more straightforward system of tracking what adjustments have been made. Honestly, even though people are a little shocked over the Shelby Raptor cost, equivalent shocks from Fox Racing go for around 3 to 4 thousand on their own. It's a premium setup.

The suspension in 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja is undercoated and then finished off with 18" Shelby Raptor Alloy Wheels and BFG KM2 tires. It comes with six wheels and tires total, with space to store the extra two in the bed of the truck.


The 2019 Shelby Raptor Baja does the unlikely and improves the Raptor's performance and increases its off-roading capacity. Though some may lament the cost and pay a premium for the Shelby name, some legitimate upgrades have significant value and aren't inexpensive to replicate on your own.

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