Salvage Cars Make Sense For Cars From These Years

Insurance companies will “total” or write-off cars that have been in collisions if the repairs are too close to the value of the car. With newer cars, that can mean a lot of repairs. But, older cars have a lower resale value. For instance, an insurer will not want to repair a car worth $3,000 dollars if it gets estimates for parts and labor of $2,500 dollars.

Many “fender-bender” type accidents involve damaged body parts like a bumper, hood or door. Cars from 2000-onwards have body panels that are made of composite materials. The original replacement body parts for cars from these same years can get expensive. Labor costs from a shop will also be very high. This is one reason insurance companies would rather write-off older cars. But, if you do the work yourself and get parts from local salvage yards, it can be done a lot cheaper.