Toyota Cars below 1 Million Naira

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira are popular in Nigeria. Not just in Nigeria, these cars have continued to make the auto-experts worldwide question the reason behind their success.

From Camry to the old Paseo, in this article, we help you find your favorite model that costs below 1 million Naira today. Here are our suggestions:

  • Toyota Camry

  • Toyota Corolla

  • Toyota Paseo

  • Toyota RAV4

  • Toyota Sienna

  • Final Thoughts

Toyota Camry

I'm sure you already guessed that Toyota Camry would hit the list of Toyota cars below 1 Million Naira here. Camry is one of the Toyota models, which you would easily find for sale in Nigeria.

The Camry is a great midsize vehicle that boasts agile handling, a smooth ride, a classy interior, a user-friendly infotainment system, fuel-economical, and two strong engine choices.

Fuel efficiency and sleek looks are the best features of this model. As a bonus, people from different classes drive this car, so you definitely wouldn't look odd in your Toyota Camry.

Based on a survey, Toyota Camry ranked as the most dependable vehicle over the past three years. Over 35000 vehicle owners responded to the study, and the Toyota Camry had the fewest problems per 100 vehicles.

The Toyota Camry is perfect for Nigerian families with children because it provides lots of space and easy interior controls. It's a car that would serve you all its purpose without stress, and maintenance is available all around you with parts coming into the country daily to the car parts market. So far, this car hasn't been developing a general fault, so it's a very safe buy.

The prices of used Toyota Camry 2001 to 2005 models range from N700000 to N900000. You could also find a used Camry 2006 or 2007 model for sale below 1 million but look for a well-cared, low mileage car.

Toyota Corolla

Maybe you're skeptical, but I'm sure you can still find a clean used Toyota Corolla 2003 model for sale in Nigeria, especially if you're looking for Toyota cars below 1 Million Naira here.

The Corolla is a line of compact cars that Toyota manufactured from 1966. Since then, the Corolla was the best-selling car worldwide by 1974 and has been one of the world's best-selling vehicles.

This Corolla model can easily accommodate up to five people. Its fuel efficiency is excellent, and it is still widely used in Nigeria. Maintaining them is so easy because it's a popular car.

While we talked about the most affordable one, the top model is the famous XSE, which has bumper-integrated LED daytime running lights, LED accent lights, and multi-LED headlights. Rear combination tail lights with LED backup lights add to the sporty exterior on this car.

You may be wondering how long Toyota Corolla lasts. With regular service and maintenance, the Corolla has a life expectancy of up to 10 years or 300000 miles. You could have your new Corolla for well over a decade, assuming you take good care of it.

The Toyota Corolla 2008 model still lines among the most sought-after models in Nigeria. Its efficiency and affordability, among other attributes, is the main reason. Look for a well-cared, low mileage car, and seek one with a service record.

Used versions of this car are generally easier to acquire and still sustain good second-hand value. The prices of used Toyota Corolla 2003 models starts from N850000 and goes higher.

Toyota Paseo

The Paseo is a sports-styled subcompact car sold from 1991 to 1999 by Toyota. It was available as a coupe and in later models as a convertible. Toyota stopped manufacturing this car in the United States in 1997; however, it continued to be sold in Nigeria.

At first sight, the Toyota Paseo introduced late in 1995 seems like a mild makeover of the previous model, but it was much more than that. There was enough change to consider it a new model in its own right.

Part of the fun in sports coupe is agile handling, and the Paseo plays a significant role here. It is an enjoyable car on the roads, and its benign handling characteristics make for added safety in emergency maneuvering situations. If you push harder, the little Toyota starts to show its more humble origins.

Don't get the impression that we don't appreciate this model for what it is. The Paseo offers stylish commuting for people who don't enjoy wasting time at auto repairs. So if you like one of these Toyota cars below 1 million Naira, go for it.

The Paseo is generally a reliable little car, and little goes wrong with it regularly. If possible, look for a well-cared, low mileage car, and seek one with a service record. The price range for the Paseo varies based on the trim level, starting from N900000 to more.

Toyota RAV4

One of the best selling cars in Nigeria is the Toyota RAV4. It's a great compact SUV. Unlike most other Toyota cars for sale in Nigeria, the RAV4 had received a great favor from the auto market since its launch years ago.

The Rav4 we talk about is the 2003 model with a legendary look suitable for roads in Nigeria. You'll mostly find this car in near-rural areas because it can pass lousy road pressures.

It comes with standard features, like a user-friendly infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and a healthy dose of driver assistance technology and. The RAV4 offers a comfortable ride, and it gets excellent fuel economy for the segment.

The RAV4 is one of Toyota's oldest models, which is still sold in the market. What makes everyone like this car a lot is its consistency, creativity in design, and excellent performance.

Its spare parts are available, affordable, and easily accessible, so don't hesitate to get one if you're looking for Toyota cars below 1 Million Naira here in Nigeria or other countries. It's recommended to look for a well-cared, low mileage car, and look for one with a service record.

The Toyota Rav4 2010 is the right choice for a compact SUV. It has a decent fuel economy, easy to maintain with affordable and available parts. If you drive a small or medium-size family, Toyota Rav4 2010 is worth your consideration.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is a good minivan, but many people may get confused between Sienna and Sienta, commonly seen as one model. These are different product lines; the former refers to the minivan lineup succeeding the Previa, while the latter is a mini MPV.

If you're looking for something spacious to accommodate you and your family and luggage, but you don't want an SUV, a minivan is an excellent choice for you. The Sienna is the perfect and most famous example of a minivan in Nigeria.

If you could find a neatly used Toyota Sienna for sale in Nigeria, don't lose it; You have a sweet deal in your hands. The Toyota Sienna has gone through generations, including XL10 produced from 1997 to 2000, XL20 from 2003 to 2009, and XL30 since 2010.

The Toyota Sienna boasts one of the most powerful engines in the class, and it provides a comfortable ride. Like many Toyota vehicles, the Sienna comes standard with comprehensive driver assistance technology. It provides an impressive amount of space for luggage.

The vehicle life depends on many factors like- timely servicing, maintenance, single hand drive, and many others. If you take care of a Sienna with all aspects that I mention, it can easily last 400 to 500k with an ease of comfort.

Change the transmission fluid every 50k miles, and If possible, look for a well-cared, low mileage Toyota Sienna. It's also better to seek one with a service record.

The prices of Toyota Sienna in Nigeria or other African countries are compatible with what it can offer. From the appealing design to thoughtful attention to disadvantaged consumers, all make Sienna a worth-praising model in the global car industry. The price of the Toyota Sienna 2005 model ranges from N500000 to N900000 in Nigeria.

Final Thoughts

Toyota cars below 1 million Naira are among the most popular vehicles in Nigeria. Toyota cars have dominated the automobile industry for many decades and do not seem to be wavering anytime soon.

The Japanese car manufacturer has produced some of the most significant sensations the industry has ever witnessed, introducing cars like Camry, Corolla, and Sienna that made record sales worldwide.

These cars have continued to make the auto-experts worldwide question the reason behind the brand's success. We listed five fantastic Toyota models in this article so you can find Toyota cars below 1 million Naira quickly.

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