What is a blue title car? And how to buy it?

The definition of the blue title

A blue title is used in the car industry to indicate a car with a salvage title. This means an insurance company or state agency has determined that the Vehicle has been damaged badly and heavily, whether in a car accident, fire, earthquake, flood, or natural or artificial disaster. This type of definition has a precise meaning, and that's why it has a particular name for itself; and the implication is that the cost of repairing the car is more than its value and price.

What does an insurance company do for a blue title vehicle?

The insurance industry is a business, and to survive; it needs to make a profit from its investment. That's why knowing costs and cost analysis and comparing it to its profitability is one of the critical processes in the insurance industry, especially in the car industry. Knowing this, then a name like blue title becomes clear and obvious. As mentioned before, when a car accident or natural disaster heavily damages a car, and its repair cost is more than the value of the Vehicle, this car is named a blue title by an insurance company.

Of course, when a car is called a blue title, that does not mean that the Vehicle can not be repaired. Still, it means the insurance company has identified that repairing this car has no profit or value for the company and is not an intelligent choice for the insurance company.

Can you drive a blue title car?

When a car is branded as a blue title or salvage, you can not drive it on roads, and in most states, it's illegal to drive such a vehicle. Also, such a car is heavily damaged, and its repair may be hefty and costly and a nonprofit choice for the banks; that's why banks usually are not willing to finance such a car, and you can not find a bank to be ready to finance a blue title auto.

What to do to clear the blue title car?

There is no way to clear the blue title car. The only option you have is to change or rebrand the Vehicle as a rebuilt car, which means you are legally allowed the Vehicle to come back to the roads. It can be ensured that banks may be ready or willing to finance the car as both the insurance company and banks find it a smart decision that has value for them and is a profitable option for them to insure or finance the rebuilt name car.

Now how can you rebrand your car from a blue title car to a rebuilt car? Follow these steps:

  • Buy the car.

  • Repair the Vehicle, repair what caused it to be named as salvage or blue title.

  • Get an inspection using official state rules and your official state inspectors.

  • Complete the regal requirements and paperwork to rebrand the car from blue title car to rebuilt car officially.

Although you may officially rebrand an auto from salvage or blue title to rebuilt car, banks, and insurance companies will know that your Vehicle had been a blue title car before and then has turned into a rebuilt car. This means your Vehicle may have less or significantly less value than a rebuilt car name. Because they may believe that your auto might have far less safety and quality, and this problem will cause damage, and your car price will be less.

Also, you should note that if your car is rebranded as the rebuilt car in your state and you want to change your state, then you may need to get the approval process from your new state too and implement official inspection in your new state to legally rebrand your car into a rebuilt car.

What are the issues of buying a blue title car?

When you are considering purchasing a blue title car, there are some issues to do so that you'd better get to know these issues and then make your last choice as to whether to buy a blue title car or not. These issues include:

  • First of all, you should know that even if you rebrand your car officially from a blue title car to a rebuilt car again, you may have some issues of blue title problems; that's one of the essential points you should be aware of when considering buying a blue title or salvage car.

  • As a salvage car, vehicles which have been heavily damaged and this will have a real negative effect on financing so your finance will be far less than you may think or have planned for to buy your blue title car, that's why almost always you should cash upfront to buy your blue title car.

  • The next problem of the blue title car is with the insurance companies. The issues with insurance companies are that they may raise rates as the blue title car has significant safety problems, and they may be forced to pay more and more in a short period. This means less profit and more risk for the insurance companies, that's why they may raise the rates for the blue title car. Also, the other issue with the insurance companies is that they may reduce claim amounts if an accident occurs as the insurance company claims that this car had been damaged before. The new damage would be less and far less if the Vehicle had no significant damage back.

The other problem and issue with such a car are in the resale. The buyer may say that the car had been a blue title and had been damaged badly. Although now the Vehicle has been rebranded as a rebuilt car with its significant damage, it will have many small and big issues and problems in the future that the buyer has to pay a lot more in comparison to the standard and clean car. So the buyer will decrease the price and value of your car as she believes she has to spend more in the future. It may also have safety and new problems so that they will pay less.

Knowing these issues will help you better understand the blue title car problems and see if there are any benefits for you to enter into this path or not. Knowing these three major problems, you can better prepare and decide more precisely about your purchase and reduce your risk and loss and increase your profit by choosing wisely.

How to decrease the risks of buying a blue title vehicle?

As mentioned before, one of the problems of the blue title car with the insurance companies is that although you may have rebranded the car from the blue title into a rebuilt car due to massive and significant issues and problems, the insurance companies may increase their rates for insurance and decrease their claim amount. These actions are what they say as the blue title car, which has now become a rebuilt car it may have significant issues and problems due to its massive damage by accident, fire, flood, or any other natural disasters. To reduce or mitigate this risk, what you can do is to use official car repair experts. Someone who is also experienced, turning the blue title into the rebuilt car, can fix significant problems with excellent knowledge.

Also, notes and writing down every process and action in the repair process in the inspection process. The official experts also detail this process and write down all the operations in the inspection process and report it officially to the insurance company. Using this strategy, you will mitigate and reduce your risks and better prepare to use or sell your car. Using this strategy, the insurance company will be fully confident about your Vehicle and its stable condition. You will also benefit from driving a clean car. And the risks of purchasing a blue title will be decreased very much. Using this strategy, if you want to sell your Vehicle, you will be in a much better position and market your Vehicle the amount you wish to and make a nice profit.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we got to know about the blue title car and provide a definition for that as a car with significant issues and problems and has been poorly damaged by car accidents, fire, flood, or any other natural disaster. After getting to know the blue title salvage car a little better, we then learned that this type of car is costly for insurance companies and they have to spend more than the car's value to repair it. As this is unprofitable and risky for them, they have called it a blue title car. Then we described that although you can not clean the car's title as the blue title car, you can change it to a rebuilt car to enable you to use financing by banks, get insurance from the insurance companies, use it on the roads, or even resell it. We described the process of turning a blue title car into a rebuilt car. In the end, we spoke about purchasing blue title problems and significant issues and the strategy in which you can use to mitigate these risks and make a profit from your blue title car sale. We hope this article helps you better know about the blue title car and make wise decisions.

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