What is a ‘Clean Title’ Repairable Vehicle?

You’re browsing through the car ads online, looking for your next car. Wow – there are a lot of choices out there. In a majority of the ads you read, you see the mention of a ‘clean title’. For many, they might recognize that a clean title has something to do with the vehicle history, but what does it actually mean? When you are looking to buy a repairable vehicle with a clean title, you should ask yourself some questions. Is the title actually clean with no history? Was the vehicle acquired from an insurance company? Is buying a clean title repairable vehicle actually worth the investment over a salvage repairable vehicle?

What a ‘Clean Title’ Actually Means

The term in itself is misleading. A car with a clean title simply indicates that it has never been deemed a total loss. With a clean title, a car might carry the balance of its new car warranty and has slightly higher resale value. There are many instances where a vehicle was sold by an insurance company through a salvage auction. In that case, the vehicle does have a history and the value of that vehicle is greatly diminished. Many of these clean title repairable vehicles should have been “totaled” by the insurance company and sold with a salvage title. The alternative to a clean title repairable is a car that has been deemed a total loss and issued a salvage title. Many of these salvage title vehicles should have actually been repaired by the insurer and placed back on the road. The actual definition of a clean title means the vehicle has never been in an accident, no police report or insurance claim filed. When a police report or insurance claim is filed, CarFax will likely get wind of this and the value of that vehicle is diminished. But what’s even scarier is what might lurk beneath a clean title. There are oh so many circumstances that can happen to a car with a clean title that leaves you in much worse condition! So ask yourself, should I spend the extra cash and make the extra investment on a clean title repairable vehicle? 

Possible Issues Lurking Under That “Clean” Title:

A car with a clean title can still have thousands of mechanical problems. These issues such as engine failure and transmission concerns aren’t an insurable concern. You can buy a car with a clean title that has a broken-down powertrain. A clean title can hide sloppy repairs. Sometimes, owners decide to fix collisions, fire damage, or electrical issues on their own, or by paying cash under the table to avoid an insurance claim that will affect their premiums. These hidden repairs go unreported, not showing up on the vehicle history report of car title status. A car with a clean title may have had the equivalent of ‘reconstructive surgery’. Some collisions cost insurers tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to complete. This extensive damage often includes frame or structural damage. Once it’s deemed sufficiently repaired, the car is still insured with a clean title. Even though you made the extra investment and purchased a repairable vehicle with a clean title many states will still issue you a rebuilt title after you register it. Many states will check the vehicle's history against NICB or CarFax, if they see that the vehicle was involved in a theft, major collision or sold through an insurance auction, they will deem that vehicle “reconstructed”. In this case, you were better off buying a repairable salvage title vehicle for a fraction of the cost.

At Monster Exports Salvage Title Does It Better

A car with a clean title isn’t always the best car for you. In many cases, a salvage title can offer better results for your family. When you look at a MonsterExports vehicle with a salvage title, there’s a level of transparency and accountability that exists, and it makes for a better car and better experience. A car with a Monster Exports salvage title isn’t hiding anything. A vehicle health report, history report, and detailed vehicle repairs are provided when a car with a salvage title is sold. Do you get that when you buy a car with a clean title? Probably not. At Monster Exports you can come inspect the vehicles with your mechanic to do a thorough evaluation of any vehicle before you make your purchase. We also offer 3rd party inspection services for our overseas buyers. We offer complete transparency on all vehicles sold through our company. Our company has 40 years of combined experience within the auto salvage and repairable vehicle industry. Monster Exports salvage title cars sell for thousands less. Those two words –salvage title can save you thousands of dollars when you’re buying a car. Yet, the quality can often be much better than a comparable car with a clean title.

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